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Ever had an ache you couldn’t get rid of?  Not sure what to stretch?  Discussions, articles and advice is right here for you!  If you have your own ideas, please share them by posting here!

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  • They Call Me a Stiff!

    I have developed a running mantra over the last year: KILL THE HILL! And boy did I, until the hill sought revenge…and BAM….I felt pain shooting through my leg as I ran up said hill! The hamstring on my left leg decided to boycott running, on my behalf. Yep, I am now down with a hamstring issue. I have felt a dull pain in it for a few months now. I did some research and concluded that I needed to..

  • The importance of rest!

    Don't get me wrong, running gives an amazing mental clarity. I would run every chance I could during stressful times in my life, which sometimes, admittedly would be everyday. However, it wasn't until recently that I realized finding ways to rest in between runs truly benefits the overall training process. My husband made an amazing point the other day. He said the body gets sore after work outs b..

  • Turmeric Tea ~ Reduce inflammation the natural way

    The Las Vegas strip at night Half Marathon trip with Redondo Beach Michael was a smashing success.. I felt really really good and fired up the jets to the tune of a brand new PR!! 01:41. It's been a few days now and although I'm super pleased with my race, I just can't get the soreness to subside even with all of my usual tricks. Let's try something new shall we?! I've been reading lots abou..

  • Minimizing Aches n Pains

    Firstly let me say that I have never received training in sports medicine but rather am using this format as a tool to share information between runners. These are some methods that have worked for me in most cases with fantastic results. There are steps that I have taken as a busy runner to reduce common aches and pains that are bound to happen when you push yourself out on the roads or trails..