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bert renolds

Hi I am doing a project on school about which community project really stands out to me and I love your idea about the whole roject but I need to ask a few questions about the company.
Who is the creator of the fir focus program?
What is your guys main idea on creating this company?
What made you want to start this?

Wed at 02:49 AM | |
Team MisFit

Thanks for the question, Bert :) My name is Melissa Higdon, and I created the website and company. My goal is to help people, who want to help themselves, feel better. I am a believer that, if you follow some simple fitness steps, like increasing movement, drinking more water, getting rest, and eating in a healthy manner, most battles we face can be won. I help people build those habits through daily dialogue and coaching techniques. The website will go through a major overhaul and the new "focus" will be on building healthy habits. There will also be a section where users share their journals so that others, who identify with a particular user's battle, can cheer them on, hold them accountable, and share inspiration. I fight rheumatoid arthritis and I am a cancer survivor. I have learned a great deal about making healthy choices for the sake of getting better and feeling better, and I want to pass this wisdom on, while building a community who learns from, supports, and inspires one another.

Thu at 01:44 AM | |
Team MisFit

"The only difference between try and triumph is a little umph!" Marvin Phillips, writer

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