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Monthly Reminder Plan (cost per month)


I will check in with you, at least twice a week, to help you build healthy habits through daily reminders. Service is delivered via the Fit Focus (beta) app for IOS, or through text messages, if you don't have an iPhone. Services are available in English only at this time.

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How it works

You pick the healthy habit to work on....and I help you do it!
It's like having an accountability buddy in your pocket!

Fill out a Q&A and download the Fit Focus (Beta) App on IOS

Let me get to know you!
I think you are amazing and want to be a part of your success! In the Q&A, you will tell me your story and will pick one of four healthy habits to work on:

  • Drink More Water
  • Increase Daily Activity
  • Get On a Better Sleep Schedule
  • Eat Healthier Foods

I will help you build your healthy habits!

The app will allow you to set up daily reminders, multiple times a day, to build the healthy habit you choose to work on. I will monitor your progress and check in with you a couple times a week.
We can make a great bring the determination and I will bring the support!

You feel better and better!

Its all about feeling better each day...a great goal to have!!
The Fit Focus app will record your activity in a journal that you can even invite friends and family to follow. With the app, you will be able to reflect on the effort you made to build your healthy habit.


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About Melissa

Your Reminder Coach


My goal is to help people feel better using the foundations of fitness (hydration, rest, activity, and healthy eating choices). Being that I have fought disease for most of my life, I have learned the importance of putting my health as one of my top priorities. Through my experiences and passion for helping others take basic steps to improve their health, I am ready to be the voice in your ear each day, reminding you to make good decisions for good health.


I am thankful to see God's purpose for me in this world. When we learn to fight the good fight, use wisdom to control what we can, and use faith for everything beyond our control, we start to win the fight. My purpose is to help people feel better, using fitness wisdom.

Certified Health and Wellness Coach - Catalyst Coaching Institute

Marathon #2

It felt good to finish! I have been fighting rheumatoid arthritis tor over 34 years, and running 2 marathons was a divine way to celebrate my health. Wisdom=clean eating+ hydration+rest+activity!

First triathlon!

Incorporating fun and differentiation in my exercise routine! I love running, but learning to bike and swim has given my mind and body diversity. Don't get me wrong...I am a fan of walking, hiking, and other ways to stay active and have FUN each day!


Need more convincing? Get in contact with me, I want to help! You + me = awesome.