Chili in the fall.. Its just the best isnt it? Such a heart warming, delicious comfort food.. Not to mention it is packed full of healthy ingredients

The Mis-story

about 3 years ago

Through Divine Wisdom at a young age, I found out that keeping in motion was important to my physical well-being.¬† I learned this at age 12.¬† During my young adolescent years, I fell under attack by my own immune system.¬† The attack manifested in my joints.¬† Throughout my body, I felt pain in my joints every day, and it was life-changing. My mom scrambled to find answers that I was demanding.¬† She enlisted the help of many doctors: orthopedists, internal medicine experts, allergists, and homeopathic doctors.¬† The one, consistent solution offered by the medical community was to suppress my immune system.¬† This was done via ever-changing drug cocktails that included Plaquenil, Prednisone, Indocin, and Methotrexate, just to name a few.¬† The doctors also advised that when my joints were flared, I needed to rest them.¬† They were flared every day¬Ö and that¬ís where Divine intervention came into play. Though I would hear the doctors say ¬ďShe¬†isn't¬†supposed to run¬ÖShe¬†isn't¬†supposed to¬†lift¬†weights¬Ö She¬†isn't¬†supposed to stop taking the meds¬Ö¬Ē, I still heard a voice inside saying¬†¬ďKeep going.¬† Move.¬Ē¬† So I did; I adopted the philosophy that I was born old but I was going to grow younger with age.¬† In the following two decades, I would enjoy ups and downs with my health.¬† At the age of 27, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin¬ís Lymphoma.¬† The panel of oncologists studying my case concluded the cancer was the result of years of immunosuppressive drug therapy.¬† Bummer. My faith, in the Lord Jesus Christ, brought me through my battle of cancer, and I have been cancer free for 15 years.¬† I have learned a lot about my health in the last 15 years.¬† I learned to drink more water.¬† I learned to eat healthier and to eat more often.¬† I learned that my very first divine lesson to keep moving was an important one.¬† At age 40, I was blessed to have a friend, who was struggling with her own health issues, ask me ¬ďWhy don¬ít you run?¬Ē¬† I¬†didn't¬†have an answer.¬† I remembered that during the last two years of¬†high school, I ran an average of 5 miles, three times a week, and I loved it!¬† The next thing I knew, my friend had me and another friend training for a 5 mile race.¬† I had a love/hate relationship with this new path I was on.¬† I loved knowing I was doing something wonderful for my body; I hated that I ached and¬†couldn't¬†breathe each time I ran (this has also¬†improved over time); but, the rest is history!¬† Today, I am training for my first marathon.¬† The goal of growing younger has been honored and I feel the best I can ever remember feeling in my entire life.¬† My journey has not been a lonely one; I have been blessed with friends who have helped me learn along the way.¬† They helped me learn about training, nutrition, stretching, and rest.¬† Now I want to pay it forward¬Ö.I want to help everyday people who are brave enough to begin a journey of fitness.¬† I want these people to know they are not on the path alone.¬† Team MisFit and the Fit Focus Community are behind each of these brave people, on the same path, cheering them on.¬† The path each person chooses is his/her own; but that person should not be alone. Thank you for trusting me to be a resource and a support for you on your journey of fitness. Where the path of one becomes the path of many¬Öfind your path. Counting my blessings, Melissa [caption id="attachment_40" align="alignleft" width="300"]Finishing my first half marathon! Finishing my first half marathon![/caption]